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What makes Home Run Dinners the best meal delivery service?

Home Run dinners was created to provide nutritious meals that save customers time and money by solving the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma. We’ve done all of the work, you simply cook the meal! This means less time in the kitchen chopping, measuring, and cleaning, and more time around the dinner table. Our meals are made with fresh ingredients and packaged in vacuum sealed bags. The packaging makes it ideal for freezing the meal if you choose.

What will I need to cook my Home Run Dinners meal? 

Basic pots, pans, and utensils will be needed to cook your meal. While most of our entrées require no additional ingredients, we suggest having a few pantry staples on hand.  Salt, freshly ground pepper, butter, and your favorite cooking oil may be needed occasionally. We recommend grapeseed oil because of its neutral flavor, high flashpoint, and health properties but coconut oil, sunflower oil, or olive oil will also work. 

Does Home Run Dinners require a subscription?

NO. We know that your needs change week-to-week and flexibility is important when you have a busy schedule. 

Is there an order deadline?

In order to provide our suppliers enough notice for the exact quantities, and eliminate waste, orders must be placed by Tuesday at 11:59am CST.

Can Home Run Dinners ship to my area?

We currently ship to MO and IL. We will be expanding to other states in the near future.

What is your commitment to food safety? 

For optimal freshness, we recommend that you unpack your ingredients into your fridge as soon as possible once they arrive. We pack our boxes with ice packs and insulated liners to maintain the freshness of our ingredients during shipment and after delivery. Depending on the season and temperature in your region at the time of delivery it may be necessary for you to plan for immediate and proper storage of ingredients prior to consumption. It is important to follow USDA instructions on refrigeration and food safety.

I ordered meals and will not be home to cook them this week. What should I do? 

Entrées that cannot be consumed in accordance with the USDA instructions on refrigeration and safety can be frozen in the provided vacuum sealed package. When you are ready to enjoy your meal thaw the entrée in accordance with the USDA instructions prior to cooking.  

Do you offer organic ingredients? 

Our primary focus is helping our customers enjoy a home cooked, more healthful meal at home. In turn, enjoying restaurant quality entrées without the added ingredients, calories, or cost. Our meat and fish suppliers provide us with all-natural ingredients. However, you have the option of upgrading to organic protein. The seasonings and sauces we use are from a Certified Organic and Certified Gluten Free supplier. When one our recipes calls for a dry ingredient, like rice for example, you can easily make that substitution in your own home.

Do you offer gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy-free entrées? 

Each week you will see a variety of recipes with allergens clearly noted. Please be sure to review the ingredients of each entrée to see if it will work for your household. 

I have food allergies. Will Home Run Dinners work for me?

At this time we do not offer the option to tailor your plan for specific allergies. Please look at the ingredients for each entrée to determine if it meets your dietary needs. The seasonings and sauces we use are manufactured in a peanut-free facility. Coconut is used in some of their blends but no other tree nuts are currently used. We have customers who elect to make substitutions to certain entrées at the time of cooking. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about a particular entrée! Home Run Dinners goes to great lengths to make accommodations for customers with food allergies but airborne and cross contamination may be possible.

Why are you named Home Run Dinners?

We are committed to providing restaurant quality, family-friendly meals that are sure to be a “home run”. Additionally, we are located in the St. Louis region, home to some of the best fans in baseball.